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Our Project Management suite of services ensure effective communication between clients and landowners, from the initial planning phase to post-construction. Our dedicated right-of-way agents work closely with the same landowner throughout the entire project, beginning with route selection and parcel identification. We provide a clear plan of action, scope of work, and timeline for each project, assessing potential constraints and identifying the best possible solutions.

Project Management includes our suite of services:

  • Comprehensive Title Research

  • Negotiation/Acquisition

  • Right-of-Entry, Initial & Final Offer Letters

  • Easement (Permanent/Temporary) & Land Use Agreements

  • Condemnation Support

  • Relocation Services

  • Project GIS Mapping

  • Documentation and Recordation

  • Land Surveying (sub-contract)

  • Land Appraisal and Appraisal Reviews (sub-contract)

  • Project Updates and Ad Hoc Resolution

  • Board of Directors/Trustees communication (if requested)

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